AromaTouch™ Technique

AromaTouch™ Technique - Oil Therapy - If you want to take care of your physical and mental health!


The widespread acceptance of essential oils in home use and in scientific circles has led more and more people to choose this natural alternative for a healthy lifestyle. Essential oils cause great interest, but often people do not know how to use them properly. Dr. David K. Hill, MD, a renowned expert on essential oils and integrative medicine, developed the AromaTouch ™ technique that would provide people unforgettable experience in use of essential oils.


AromaTouch ™ Technique is a tactile method for applying dōTERRA natural high quality essential oils. This is an oil therapy, with 8 different oils applied firmly on the back and on feet, with the result of deep physical and mental relaxation. The true magic of this technique lies in its simplicity and effect, which works on the principle of aroma and touch. It was designed for anyone, who wants to feel the soft touch technique. Suitable for children, adults and seniors!

AromaTouch ™ Theraoy is guided through energy channels and contact points located on the back and feet. A gentle, rhythmic touch harmonizes with the aroma of the highest quality therapeutic oils. The oils penetrate deep into the tissues and provide the necessary support in this area. Thus, the autonomic nervous system receives the necessary assistance, thereby reducing physical and mental stress, restoring the balance of the body (homeostasis). The result is achieved through 8 carefully selected oils and their combined effects, which are created with the help of Eastern techniques.

The various factors we face in our daily life, can affect our overall well-being. Special oils used in combination are of great importance. Each essential oil is selected for AromaTouch™ for its individual aromatic properties. The overall flavor of the oils used is soothing, light and pleasant. In AromaTouch ™ technology, physical touch is just as important as fragrance, thanks to its amazing healing power.

Essential oils are natural aromatic, organic compounds that can be found in almost all seeds, herbs, flowers, roots, peels and leaves. Essential oil is a pure compound, a thick liquid that immediately absorbs when it comes into contact with skin and reaches the bloodstream within 30 seconds.

DōTERRA (CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils of certified, therapeutic grade, which contain the purest, safest and more beneficial oils that can be found nowadays. Plants for these oils are selected and collected in different countries of the world, where their natural environment and growing conditions are most complete. The parts of the plants, needed for oil production, are cold pressed or distilled in one step and checked for purity and quality several times. Pure therapeutic oils have no harmful side effects, but cannot be used only in case of special sensitivity to them. When oils are absorbed into the bloodstream, their effects are felt all over the body.

Therapy helps to balance the nervous system, reduces physical and emotional stress factors, and supports the body’s functions. It cleanses and relaxes the entire body, supporting the immune system. It improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, soothes, improves mood, brings clarity of mind and helps to create harmony in the body.


Therapy lasts about 60 minutes, after what the body and mind will be grounded, filled with energy!


During the session, eight different essential oils are used (4 mixes of oils and 4 pure oils):

A Balance mix oil and Lavender - relieves stress

Tea Tree Oil and OnGuard mix - supports immune system

Aroma Touch mix and DeepBlue mix - reducing inflammation and relieving pain

Wild orange and Mint oils - restore body balance or homeostasis

During use of the essential oils, fractionated (distilled) coconut oil is applied as the base oil, which is odorless, colorless and does not deteriorate. This fast-absorbing natural oil with a gentle effect provides the skin with a light and moisturizing protection without clogging of the pores.

AROMATOUCH ™ TECHNOLOGY is a great opportunity to get acquainted with essential oils. Take into account that after the session, the hair will be slightly oily. After the session it is recommended not to go to the shower or sauna for some time, so that the oils are absorbed and kept on the skin as long as possible.

Masseur: Pille Allik-Trepp



AromaTouch™ Technique is not recommended for those using warfarin (blood thinner).

If any essential oil is allergenic, you can refuse to use it in this session.

Peppermint oil can reduce the amount of breast milk, so we advise you to refrain from using it during the session in the last three months of pregnancy and further during breastfeeding.


Pille Allik-Trepp has completed the AromaTouch ™ Technique training and has the appropriate certificate.

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AromaTouch Therapy price:
60 - 75 min       50 €