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Balancing massage

Over the years, I have worked diligently with over a thousand people, all from very different lifestyles, each with their own habits and hobbies. I can say that even  every little detail plays a role in the history of our physique. Be it a simple one-foot-to-knee continuous sitting position or the hard effort that can be done once a year in the village. Each effort and prolonged forced position is stored in the tissues (muscles, tendons, skin, etc.) as stiffness or slackness, which eventually begins to feel painful or restrictive in body mobility.

It is also sometimes known as an "orthopedic occupational disease", which is by nature a problem of overuse. Depending on exercises, lifestyle, stress level, genetics and other factors, the stiffness of our skin and muscles is constantly changing.

For example, temperature: try to pinch yourself when it is cold and you have chicken skin, or in the sauna/ hot shower and notice the difference. We are more elastic and flexible when it is warm, stiffer and more fragile when it is cold, from leather to bone. Thoughtful movement and the right temperature will make the body more flexible. As a result, tissue irritation may be significantly reduced and joint flexibility / mobility increased.

Since every individual "normal" muscle and skin tone is different, I have to consider all the factors to achieve the optimal condition.

During the massage, by palpation (tactile) I will find out which muscles are over-toned / under-toned. I will help balance this situation by relaxing the muscles in overexertion and by tightening the muscles in the undertones. If desired, I can show postures and movements how to achieve the same results and stay balanced in the future.

This massage is quite interactive, where we try to "retrain" the muscles. The goal is not just to relax and try to forget about the problem, but to deal with it specifically and actively.

This means that you must plan your day carefully if you plan to take this massage. It is not recommended to exercise, sit in the office or drive for a long period of time, whatever exhausts excessively or creates a forced position. It counteracts the process of habituation, and muscle irritation may be exacerbated. This massage is  especially good for any spinal problem from neck to sacrum!

If in doubt, contact us by email or call and ask for Rauno.

Recommended duration of the session — 90 minutes, but 60 min and 30 min sessions are also available.


Masseur: Rauno Kuusk          


Balancing massage prices:
                                          30 min        25 €
                                          60 min        55 €
                                          90 min        75 €
                                        120 min        95 €
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.


If in doubt, always consult a doctor.

General or complete contraindication:

This includes all acute conditions requiring immediate medical intervention: eg myocardial infarction or stroke

acute renal, hepatic, cardiac or respiratory failure, etc.

All conditions in the acute phase, with fever and other general symptoms Infectious diseases, acute inflammatory diseases, aortic aneurysm or suspected aorta, bleeding, severe asthma attack or status of consecutive asthma attacks (status asthmaticus), epileptic seizure or status epilepticus.

Chronic diseases are contraindicated:

Advanced atherosclerosis

very high or unstable blood pressure

hemophilia (in milder cases, massage possible with the permission of a doctor)

liver failure

advanced chronic renal, cardiac or respiratory failure

Massage may be completely contraindicated during periods of exacerbation of various chronic diseases.


The contraindication (complete or local) of many skin diseases depends on their location, extent, acuity, manifestation of general symptoms - consult a doctor if necessary.

Massage is completely contraindicated:

Eg scabies

erysipelas or rosacea


for acute and large-scale rashes of various skin diseases

Massage is contraindicated if cancer is suspected and not yet diagnosed. In the case of a diagnosed malignancy, the treating doctor will decide whether massage is possible in any way and will provide the necessary instructions. The complete contraindication applies to cancers that easily metastasize if the disease has not reached an irreversible phase.




Local or partial contraindication:

acute inflammatory processes (in case of general symptoms also a complete contraindication)

exacerbations of inflammatory joint disease (may also be a complete contraindication)

acute neuritis


acute phase injuries

skin integrity impaired

frozen tissues

recent burn

undiagnosed tissue formation

implant or foreign body tissue

varicose veins or varicose veins

thrombophlebitis, or suspected venous inflammation caused by a thrombus

phlebotrombosis, or suspected deep vein thrombosis



A complete contraindication may also apply to all of the above conditions, depending on the location.


For skin diseases, massage is locally contraindicated:

eg acne

in the area of foci of cliché and psoriasis

for individual defined foci of infectious skin diseases. The latter may in some cases be completely contraindicated.

Many local contraindications can significantly interfere with the integrity and effectiveness of massage therapy. Therefore, it is always better to wait until the condition or its exacerbation has passed.



Relative contraindication:

In the case of a relative contraindication, the masseur must be aware of the possible harmful effects of the massage in these conditions and be able to adapt the therapy to the situation. In many cases, the contraindication is limited to avoiding deeper or more intense techniques, either in whole or in part. Medical consultation may often be required.

General relative contraindication

About chronic diseases:

eg asthma

pulmonary emphysema or bloating

epilepsy hypertension or high blood pressure

diagnosed with atherosclerosis

chronic kidney disease

chronic heart failure

multiple sclerosis

osteoporosis or thinning of the bones

osteomalacia or bone softening

inflammatory joint diseases

diabetes (increased complications)

hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism


after myocardial infarction and stroke

recent serious head injury

conditions associated with spasticity or rigidity

after major operations

Massage needs to be adjusted accordingly in case of a weakened immune system or during pregnancy. Very low blood pressure also requires caution.


It is necessary to inform the masseur if any medication is consumed. More intensive techniques are a contraindication example of anticoagulants (anti-clotting agents) and anti-inflammatory drugs consumption - bruising. If you take painkillers just before the massage, you may no longer have adequate pain perception, same as with anti-inflammatory medicines.



Local relative contraindication:

inflammatory processes

disc prolapse or lumbar disc herniation (protective muscle spasm must not be eliminated)

after minor operations

after injuries

fracture (immediately after plaster removal)

myositis ossificans or osteoporosis

edema or swelling

carotid sinus syndrome

arterial syndrome

trigeminal neuralgia

sensitivity disorders

loose complete or partial paralysis

chronic inflammatory joint diseases

joint instability or hypermobility

chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

during menstruation

after abortion or childbirth

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