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Chinese medicine based energetic “center” massage

Mainly focused around activating stomach-spleen channel functioning. According to Chinese medicine the midline is our physical  and also energetic center: it sets work rhythm for other organs. If the stomach-spleen channel develops problems, so will other organs eventually. If this center gets balanced, physical and emotional equilibrium is achieved. Some practitioners treat only stomach-spleen channel no matter what the problem is, the “center” will balance other organs. Very effective massage (mainly for digestion, circulation, psyche). Session ends with acupuncture points manipulation with Moksa.



Masseuse: Merike-Marrit Põldaru


Service is available on Thursdays
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
Energetic "center" massage price                                                           
30 min         25 €
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