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Hand's massage


If you recognize any of the following symptoms, this massage is for you:


-Continuous tiredness / tightness in the wrist, elbow or shoulder

-Feeling uncomfortable in your hands which interferes with your work or hobby

-Weakness (things often fall out of hand)

-Fatigue and pain that occur with increased load

-Pain and numbness of hands at night / during the day

-An old injury that still feels heavy

-A condition diagnosed as an orthopedic occupational disease


Massage focuses from shoulder to fingers. The masseur works thoroughly around the muscles and soft tissue joints, restoring elasticity, which results in excessive friction and irritation in various tissues. The strength of the massage is as the client prefers, does not cause unnecessary pain where it is not needed.


Hand's massage prices:
  30 min         25 €
  60 min         40 €
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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