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Hot herbal-ball massage

Massage with hot herbal-balls LUK PRA KOB:

Massage has many effects on the body: aromatherapy, soothing heat, pleasant massage and beneficial properties of plants. The balls are warmed with hot steam and are used with a "rolling motion" to relax the muscles and nerves.


The herbal-balls are made of high quality plants. Their effect is to warm the body, improve metabolism and balance it. Hot, herbal-filled balls refresh and tighten the skin, tired body will be filled with energy and all of the senses will receive an unforgettable experience. Massage improves blood, lymphatic circulation, muscle tone and is suitable for the prophylaxis, treatment of joint pain, stress and chronic fatigue. Massage is also perfect for those who does intense exercises. Herbal-balls have a warming effect and can also be used to relieve the symptoms of a cold-sickness.

The effect of the massage is to achieve the inner balance and complete relaxation.

It is a whole vacation accompanied by warming up of the muscles, total peace and relaxation.

Hot herbal-ball massage can be performed not only in problem areas but also on the whole body.


Massage is performed by:


Hot Herbal-ball massage prices:                  
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