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Japanese therapeutic facial massage

Kobido - Japanese therapeutic facial massage.

Predominant elements in Japanese therapeutic facial massage are gentle stroking, pressing, stretching, vibration and tapping. Kobido massage is a form of a procedure that requires masseur to be flexible and have good feeling. As a result, the body psycho-somatics and emotions are affected during the massage. The developed technique is based on Japanese Anma massage techniques.

The whole complex consists of:

– osteopathy

– neurosedatives

– myofascial techniques

– lymphatic drainage

– psychotherapeutic effect aimed at the human body – with shiatsu techniques.


Basic techniques are performed with both hands, which work simultaneously, but in a different rhythm.

Results: Japanese therapeutic massage has a toning effect on the skin of the face and tightens facial muscles, activates blood supply, cell renewal accelerates, which makes the face "shine". Massage stimulates the removal of “waste products” and toxins, improves facial skin moisture balance, which in turn slows down the aging of the facial skin. Massage evokes the whole deep relaxation of the body, influencing reflex zones and meridians activates the functioning of internal organs. Japanese therapeutic massage includes work with meridians and with bioactive points that restores balance of emotions.

Effects of Japanese therapeutic facial massage:

With regular use of Japanese therapeutic massage, facial skin becomes smooth, supple and fresh:

• Tightens facial skin and reduces wrinkles. Just as physical exercise strengthens and tones the muscles of the body, so Japanese therapeutic facial massage strengthens and tones the facial muscles, the tone of which depends on the skin sagging and wrinkling.

• Maximally refreshes the skin. Japanese therapeutic facial massage accelerates blood circulation, cells renewal and gives the face a younger look appearance.

• Heals through the system of reflex zones and meridians the functioning of internal organs. Based on the Japanese KI system, the face is a mirror of the body's health. Changes in the face show certain KI disorders. For example, a pale face indicates an imbalance in stomach function. Therefore facial beauty is achieved only when Ki is balanced - that is why the Japanese consider the concepts of beauty and health as synonyms.

Massage is done with oil or massage cream.

Masseur: Nadezhda Burdyga




1. fever.

2. infectious diseases.

3. recent surgeries, especially on the neck or face.

4. skin inflammation, rash, large pimples, etc.

Japanese therapeutic facial massage prices       
                                         60 min           60 €

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