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QMRA analyzer examination

The human body is a collection of a large number of cells that are constantly growing, developing, differentiating, regenerating and being destroyed. Cells are constantly restored through reproduction.

In the process of cell division and growth, the main components of a cell are charged atoms formed by cell nuclei. The electrons outside the cell are always in rapid motion and change, constantly producing electromagnetic waves. The signals of electromagnetic waves can be received by the human body and represent a specific state of this human body - they vary depending on the state of health.

QMRA (Quantum Resonance Magnetic Resonance Analyzer) is a high-precision electronic device for recording and analyzing health states, main problems for scientific research, by providing regulatory preventive recommendations.

The frequency and energy of the electromagnetic field, measured by the sensor while the device is in the hand, are compared with the standard power of the resonance spectrum and the instrument. After the frequency and energy are amplified by the instrument,  data is processed by a computer, reflecting a negative quantum signal output. The results are displayed on the computer screen. QMRA is a leader in individual health counseling! This testing is not a diagnosis!

Malle Kukke is a holistic therapist. She graduated from the Institute of Holistic Therapy and advised clients for 8 years. In recent years, she has been working on advanced medicine for improvement. QMRA is a simple and practical tool that helps people understand what they need in their body at the moment.


Through analysis, you can find out:

- liver-kidney-intestine condition;
- body acidification;
- lack of vitamins, minerals, microrelements;
- presence of toxins, heavy metals, etc. 

We can also send the results to your e-mail!

Price of session:   30 €
For an appointment please contact: or tel. 5082502
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