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Massage “Chinese ancient secrets for younger facial skin”

Based on Chinese medicine and includes face (brows, eyes, nose, mouth) and ear energetic massage, acupuncture points manipulation with essential oils and mantras (different points get different Estonian phrases).


Effect: Since the face contains many acupuncture points, through which we can affect stomach, large intestine, gallbladder, eyes , ears etc. Through that we can:


*alleviate headaches and worrying
*make eyes clear
*give mental clarity
*rejuvinate skin
*improve sense of smell
*alleviate sinus related problems
*restore cheerfulness
*relieve jawline tension and coordination disturbance
*relieve toothache
*clear throat and stimulate thyroid gland
*regulate energy and blood circulation
*strengthen immune system
*release unconscious hate and indignation
*balance male-female energies in the body
*accept inner messages
*improve mental and physical health etc.


Masseuse: Merike-Marrit Põldaru  


Service is available on Thursdays
Massage “Chinese ancient secrets for younger facial skin” price
60 min         39 €
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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