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MER massage - energetic release of muscle and connective tissue

MER means energetic release of muscle-connective tissue and actually derives from the English term "myofascial energetic release". In its slow meditative nature, MER represents a deep and strong body work that releases locked emotions and the posture patterns embedded in the body.

MER combines joint tension release and energy balancing as well as core muscle and connective tissue massage. At the same time, awareness, compassion and meditativeness form the ideological core of therapy. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic MER therapy helps restore balance of the body and mind, improve posture and dissolve holding patterns rooted in the psyche, which may cause pain in addition to tension in the body. Massage brings greater clarity, reduces stress, increases joint mobility, and improves blood circulation, body energy flow, and sleep quality.

MER offers different sessions for different body areas. There have been created sessions for the neck and back area; for the back, legs, knees and pelvis area; for the face and head, for shoulders and arms, and for the chest and stomach area - all this depending on the problem that afflicts the person. It is recommended to make a course - be it once a week, once a month or four times a week. Course-therapy gives deeper results compared to a single session and helps to consolidate what has been achieved.


However, the exact number of times depends on specific person and their health, and there are also a number of contraindications, such as hernia, disc problems, more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, osteoporosis, severe varicose veins, age under 15 years, heart pacemaker, rheumatism, schizophrenia or other mental disorders, stomach and intestinal ulcers and an operation less than half a year ago.


Masseur: Eva Berg 

Reiki Treatment

MER massage prices       
                                            60 min     60 € 

                                            90 min     85 €

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