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circulation and metabolism, helps remove toxins

Chinese whole body Gua Sha therapy

 This method of treatment has been used in China for over 2000 years.  Gua Sha massage is used, when a person has intense or chronic pains. Since the problem lies in blood or energy blockade, this massage is used to get Qi (lifeforce) moving again.

 First the treated area gets prepared with Chinese herbal oils. Then, specific meridians get worked with a special scraper, these are made of jade, animal bone, horn or plastic. Every part of the body is treatable with Gua Sha.  It improves blood circulation and metabolism, helps remove toxins from the body. Most people feel the change instantly.  At first there appears blushing on treated skin surface, specifically those areas that were painful and created discomfort before. Then comes more intense marks, otherwise known as Sha. This way the accumulated toxins find a way out of the body through treated area.

 If the problem in a given area is serious, then there may be some bruising and dark areas on the skin. These usually dissapear after 2-4 days. We recommend drinking lots of warm water after the therapy, this helps with the toxin removal and skin healing. 

After therapy it's recommended that You rest the following day and avoid alcohol, tobacco, over eating, fasting, strenuous work and exercise.


Masseur: Marika Kaljo

Guasha scraping therapy prices

                                                     60 min 50 €

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