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Starting from 15th of November bring a friend to our salon, to become a customer, and You both will become a 10% discount from a regular price of a service of your choice.

NEW PRICES starting from 19.10.2020


Some of the prices are changing from 19.10.2020, the new prices will apply to all bookings made from 19.10.2020, previous bookings will have the old prices!


5 x package - paid in advance at once - discount 10%, paid separately one at a time - 5th session with -30% discount! "5 x package" is valid for the same services (same price), that you were attending in Bai Lan salon during 2 months.

10 x package - paid in advance at once - discount 10%, paid separately one at a time - 10th session with -50% discount! "10 x package" is valid for the same services (same price), that you were attending in Bai Lan salon during 4 months.


Starting from 8 October, the new prices for her services will apply as follows:

All of her therapies:

30 min 25 €

45 min 30 €

60 min 35 €

Massage “Chinese ancient secrets for younger facial skin”

60 min 39 €

Chinese healing, invigorating and balancing acupuncture massage

60 min 40 €

100 min 60 €

Regular customer discount: 10th time with a discount of -20%.

NB! Other regular customer discounts provided on the Bai Lan website are no longer valid for Merike Marrit Põldaru services, cannot be paid with the Bai Lan massage salon gift card or with the gift card.

The procedure for paying for her services will also change from October 8, 2020:

1) on the spot in cash.

NB! Her services can no longer be paid on the spot with a card or through SportID.

2)3 days before the service by bank transfer: Algallikas OÜ, Bank account № EE632200221047319397 Swedbank

Keyword: BL and name.

In case of non-appearance, 50% is non-refundable if the non-appearance is notified less than 24 hours in advance, except for special cases e.g. sudden illnesses, etc.


Starting from October we have a new Chinese masseur - Fuqing Liu.

He has studied at Taian City School of Traditional Medicine in China, graduated as a physician-masseur and has worked as a masseur for over 20 years. Very experienced and already has positive feedback from our clients!

For more information and reservations, call 56834575.


Starting from Oktober we are offering new interesting service: Hot Herbal-Ball Massage! Especially good in the current cold and wet season!

Price: 60 min. 39 € ja 90 min 49 €.


Take a good chance to try this great massage right now!

Massage is performed by: Ande Lutsoja
Information and booking: 56834575.

Massage with hot herbal-balls LUK PRA KOB:
Massage has many effects on the body: aromatherapy, soothing heat, pleasant massage and beneficial properties of plants. The balls are warmed with hot steam and are used with a "rolling motion" to relax the muscles and nerves.

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Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. Regular massage is one way to enjoy this time completely. A conscious, calm touch gives the mother and the fetus a feeling of well-being. Massage for pregnant women is a pleasant, useful and highly recommended procedure for the expectant mother to help keep the body in shape, prevent swelling, tired legs, back pain and prepare for childbirth. Be sure to consult a physician before taking a massage.
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Kidney massage

The purpose of kidney massage is to strengthen the energy of the kidneys and thereby ensure their better functioning. During kidney massage, the lower back and abdomen are massaged and therefor acupuncture points are affected. If necessary, moksa is used. Natural oils are used during the massage.

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Completely new service: AromaTouch therapy! Extremely good and deeply relaxing!

AromaTouch™ Technique - Oil Therapy - If you want to take care of your physical and mental health!

AromaTouch ™ Technique is a tactile method for applying dōTERRA natural high quality essential oils. This is an oil therapy, with 8 different oils applied firmly on the back and on feet, with the result of deep physical and mental relaxation. The true magic of this technique lies in its simplicity and effect, which works on the principle of aroma and touch. It was designed for anyone, who wants to feel the soft touch technique. Suitable for children, adults and seniors!

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New service!

Chi Detox stomach therapeutic massage!


CHI NEI TSANG or therapeutic purification from toxins with the help of healing chinese qi massage, is based on the theory of the five elements known in Chinese traditional medicine. 


Massage relieves stress in the abdomen, where the energy is accumulated. It relaxes the blocked organs. This allows you to solve problems with the intestines and restores the natural balance, restores a sense of calmness, purity and "natural vibration".

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Craniosacral therapy helps to restart the self-healing mechanism in the body

Cranio system - is the central physiological system of the human body, which affects and controls all of the body work. The function of the system is shown through cranio pulsations and rhythms, which are one of the deepest pulsations of our body, the so-called "bone breathing rhythms." In addition, they can be called "primal breath" or breath of life - it accompanies us from the moment of conception until death.

Throughout life, passing through physical and emotional trauma, cranio system structure changes, which in turn affects the normal functioning of the whole organism. However, our body has a great potential to heal itself, and with the help of a therapist, the system can be restarted through the cranio system "primal breath" restoration.

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Booking and info tel. 510 3516

Bai Lan introduces:

Craniosacral therapy helps to restart the self-healing mechanism in the body.

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You can purchase the gift card from our salon with any amount from Your choice or for a particular service from our Services list. We can also send an electronic gift card by e-mail. The card is valid for 6 months.

Cancelling the reservation:


If You can not come, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours before the booked time. You can do this online via the booking confirmation, that was sent to you, by phone 56834575 or send an email to:

If You cancel Your reservation less than 12 hours before the booked time, we have the right to invoice You in amount of 50% of the value of the service that You have booked.

In case You do not cancel the reservation and do not come at all, we have the right to invoice You the 100% of the value of the service that You have booked.

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