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Chinese massage

5000 years of wisdom

If You wish something good for loved ones...

...Bai Lan gift card!

You can purchase the gift card from our salon with any amount from Your choice or for a particular service from our Services list. We can also send an electronic gift card by e-mail, send your request to: . The card is valid for 6 months.

Рейки лечение


Body Energy Organization and Balance

Energy organizing is dedicated for those who feel they are stuck in old patterns or are worried about difficult emotional states, life situations, health concerns, etc.

During the session (1 hour) we open the energy centers together and release energetic blockages, that can occur in absolutely every person through their life and experiences.

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Our client writes:

Bai Lan always has good energy. It's good to come here. You feel HEAVENLY leaving this place. Feeling drunken of lightness and relief, thank you !!! The connection and trust between heaven, man and earth is especially noticeable here. Thank you, Chinese medicine, thank you for the ancient wisdom and power, thank you Mother Earth and the whole Universe. Bai Lan is an important channel of heaven and ancient wisdom in the middle of Tallinn. Thank you!

Thank you Marika and the whole Bai Lan team!!!

1 July 2021     Hanna

Craniosacral therapy helps to restart the self-healing mechanism in the body

Cranio system - is the central physiological system of the human body, which affects and controls all of the body work. The function of the system is shown through cranio pulsations and rhythms, which are one of the deepest pulsations of our body, the so-called "bone breathing rhythms." In addition, they can be called "primal breath" or breath of life - it accompanies us from the moment of conception until death.

Throughout life, passing through physical and emotional trauma, cranio system structure changes, which in turn affects the normal functioning of the whole organism. However, our body has a great potential to heal itself, and with the help of a therapist, the system can be restarted through the cranio system "primal breath" restoration.

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Booking and info tel. 510 3516

Bai Lan introduces:

Craniosacral therapy helps to restart the self-healing mechanism in the body.

Starting from 15th of November bring a friend to our salon, to become a customer, and You both will become a 10% discount from a regular price of a service of your choice.

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Cancelling the reservation:


If You can not come, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours before the booked time. You can do this online via the booking confirmation, that was sent to you, by phone 56834575 or send an email to:

If You cancel Your reservation less than 12 hours before the booked time, we have the right to invoice You in amount of 50% of the value of the service that You have booked.

In case You do not cancel the reservation and do not come at all, we have the right to invoice You the 100% of the value of the service that You have booked.

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