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Acupuncture arose from China over 5000 years ago, based on ancient belief that mental imbalance causes much pain and physical discomfort.People noticed in ancient China, that affecting certain points on the body, they can relieve or stop the pain, although these points are located on other body parts.

The body has 14 meridians, which according to Chinese beliefs are related to specific organs. If one meridian is influenced, automatically this affects other meridians also.The goal of this therapy is to balance Yin & Yang energies and let the body heal itself.


Massage consists of applying pressure, rubbing and fondling with differing pressure and intensity along meridians, acupressure points and muscles. Acupressure also helps to fight disease faster, that’s why sometimes after a session You might feel symptoms worsening. Actually the organism goes through the illness faster.

Intense effect for opening energy channels, clearing different visceral problems and expelling toxins (including excessive water). Improves digestive system and blood supply to organs, which in turn improves their functioning, relieves muscle tension.


Masseur: Maie Palmiste

Chinese acupuncture massage prices
                                                              60 min       45 €
                                                            100 min       75 €
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