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Reflexological Thai foot massage

The main task of our body energy system is to keep us healthy and all internal organs functioning properly. Feet, ears, hands etc, are important "energy shields" that are accurately studied by Reflexology with "maps" made to show the important points. Reflexology is a wisdom, that reads the signs from the "energy shields" and predicts possible problems coming up with the body. Using the right technique we can remove the "energy stagnation" and it will allow healthy energy to move freely through the body and internal organs.

The principle of this treatment is in a direct effect on the nerve endings of the feet. The nerve ending is associated with a particular organ or system of the body. With this technique you can improve your health, because free energy flow is responsible for the health of the internal organs and the whole body. Reflexology activates the lymph and blood circulation, improves metabolism, reduces headache and occipital pain, reduces back pain, helps to get rid of insomnia, allergies, stress. It helps to improve the hormone system. Reflexology is not only a healing procedure, but also a good prevention against possible diseases, as well as the recovery procedure after medical treatment.

Thai foot massage is based on the "maps and charts of points", which came from the Chinese acupuncture. The use of oils and ointments, massaging techniques came from Ayurveda in India. The whole body can be divided into zones, and the points that reflect the state of health. 

The aim of this procedure is to achieve balance in body and soul.

Thai foot massage begins with a relaxing foot bath, variety of oils and ointments are used during the procedure.

Masseur: different Estonian masseurs


  • do not eat 1h before the massage

  • pregnancy

  • leg bone problems

  • inflexibility

  • open wounds

  • diabetes

  • skin diseases

  • tumors

  • alcohol intoxication

  • menstruation (first days)

Reflexological foot massage prices:

                                       60 min         45 €
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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