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Thai massage

Thai massage is a relaxing massage, performed in the rhythm of breathing, which improves muscle elasticity, joint mobility and relieves from mental tension.


North Thai traditional, therapeutic massage is made with slow, meditation techniques emphasizing on certain points of the body. Our physical and energetic body has about 72000 points, and during the Thai massage 10 most important ones are used. 10 points are enough to achieve energy, muscles' and internal organs' balance in our body.


During the massage lot of stretching techniques are used, similar to the positions of yoga. Each pressing and massage movement corresponds to the duration of the exhalation. The masseur uses his body weight to create the pressure. In addition to the fingers and hands, masseur uses elbows, knees and feet. Massage is done on the floor (on the mat) wearing sportswear.

Please come to the massage in a sports suit or yoga pants!

Masseur: different Estonian masseurs

Thai massage prices:
60 min         50 €
90 min         70 €



  • chronic skin diseases

  • inflammation of the muscles and tendons

  • inflammatory processes in the body

  • cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure

  • injuries - broken bones, muscle injuries, sprains

  • recent surgeries

  • artificial joints
  • osteoporosis

  • oncology
  • fever

  • varicose veins, thrombosis risk

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