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toxins and helps reduce excess weight


Chinese cellulite massage by cupping

Chinese cellulite massage by cupping is a very effective way to lose weight and cellulite, especially thighs, stomach and arms. This massage helps to reduce body measurements and cellulite. Cupping uses vacuum to stretch the skin and draws soft tissue upward, through which metabolism improves and also skin elasticity and tone. Cupping also helps to draw out accumulated toxins from the organism.


During the cellulite massage, problem areas get treatment with special Chinese massage techniques, toxin repelling oils and cupping to improve circulation and lymphatic system.


During the cellulite therapy we recommend to drink lots of warm water and stay physically active. After the first sessions there may be some bruising and marks from cupping, but they will disappear after a week. Despite its intensity the cellulite massage offers pleasure and wellbeing. For a beautiful and permanent effect multiple sessions are necessary.  Number of sessions depends on individual factors like: physical activity and diet, recommended number of sessions ranges from 5-20. For maximum benefit the first month is most important: in order to improve metabolism 3 sessions a week is necessary. During one month period at least 12 sessions in total are most effective, after that it’s once per week.
If You’re longing for care then don’t hesitate! During the very first session You’ll feel there’s a solution to Your problem.


Masseuse: Marika Kaljo

Chinese cellulite massage by cupping price:

                                              60 min         50 €
                                              90 min         70 €
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