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Our clients' feedback:

"Bai Lan always has good energy. It's good to come here. You feel HEAVENLY leaving this place. Feeling drunken of lightness and relief, thank you !!! The connection and trust between heaven, man and earth is especially noticeable here. Thank you, Chinese medicine, thank you for the ancient wisdom and power, thank you Mother Earth and the whole Universe. Bai Lan is an important channel of heaven and ancient wisdom in the middle of Tallinn. Thank you! Thank you Marika and the whole Bai Lan team!!!"


"Very good massage, found all the weak points, the attitude was careful and respectful. I'll come again thank you very much."

Natalja Borissoff

"True praise for the masseur Song, whose massage and attitude was very pleasing! For sure your salon can be my next favorite place and first choice!"

Kristi Jõeorg

"I tried the Chinese traditional therapy and it was surprising, how painful and pleasant can some points on both the head and the body be. Very interesting experience, I will definitely come again!"

"I have tried Tui Na massage today - indescribable feelings! I liked it very much! Thank you, Weihong Song, for your wonderful hands! Warm atmosphere, nice staff! Success and prosperity to you! And we will definitely come again."

"Since I had some issues with my Zhan Zhuang practice I went for a tui na massage. I could literally feel the blockages disappear during the massage. When properly done, tui na is a deep meditation on mind and body. I am very grateful. Thank you"

"It was a totally extravagant experience! (Chinese Natural Therapy done by Weihong Song, Gua Sha, Moksha, etc.). I would recommend this therapy to everyone, who does not only want to deal with bad consequences but also with the cause. This therapy is a high-speed train, if you can and want to be sufficiently open to changes and new knowledge. I am very grateful to have come to you!"

"Lavastone massage. Pleasant, relaxing and warm. 
For most of the time my legs are very cold and I am always cold myself. After the massage rest of the day was good, I was warm to the toe :)"

"I haven't been here for a while, but it's always good to go into a pleasant environment, like the salon you have. And when I leave, it feels so good."

"I have been to Sports massage, which was great. After the session, I felt like I'd been running in the gym for a whole week. A very good masseur, very strong hands and a very comprehensive session. I definitely recommend and I will be coming again."

"Absolutely amazing experience each and every time that I have been there. So very greatful, specially to Weihong Song, a super great massage therapist."

"Massage was very good and after the first time I could already see the improvements. Super! I am definitely coming here again for a massage."

Gea Lepik

"Amazing experience! Became regular customer right away! So good!"

Triin Seven

"Chinese masseurs are wonderful! Best in town! They correctly understand human anatomy and energetically "open" blocked points in the body. I am charmed! ;))
We are thankful!"

Angelika Kavak

"I advise to try it! Very pleasant atmosphere, friendly service and super masseur!"

Triin Saar

"Nice atmosphere and professional masseurs, will come again when it is possible!"

Gädly Muttik

"Hello! Thank you very much again for the perfect service on 22.10 16:00-18:00. And say "hi" from me to Weihong Song. I have finally found mental balance and it seems that now I can move mountains! I will definitely come back and enjoy the service once more. And now everything is OK!"

Ilona Tenn

"I am very thankful to Weihong Song masseur! I advise everyone to try!!!"

Anne Kase

"We have already used the services of this great massage therapist twice. Before visiting the salon, my husband was taking different "painkillers" for two months. (Pills and made a nerve blockade) We tried everything, and only in Bai Lan my husband received proper help. We are very pleased. I bow to him and thank you for his golden hands."

Tamara Sergejeva

"The best of the best! Weihong Song is the best massage therapist!"

Aljona Izraeljan

"Weihong Song is a massage therapist of a high level! I advise him to everyone!
Great service and atmosphere. I still think this is the best massage experience."

Deivi Rips

"Very, very good place. I would like to come again."

Kersti Raud

"Have been here in the salon at the massage therapy and I can say it was super. After the procedure my health improved and I felt myself very good. I advise coming here."

Viivian Kärner

"I am writing, because I would like to share my experience, that I received here at your salon. I had to wait though, and by now I already had second massage that was done by the Chinese man. I am very satisfied! Where do you find such beautiful "pearls"? "

Tiina Rõõm

"I only have heard the good comments about Bailan!"

Enel Kerdt

"It is a wonderful place, people are wonderful here aswell."

Ülle Mäende

"Great experience, Thank You.
I will definitely come again, because how can you say "no" to this pleasant things."

Sirely Kikkas

" I am really satisfied with the procedure! "

Ege Maas

" Song is very professional! "

Natalia Antonova

" Services in Bai Lan are super, tried it myself and of course would like to have another great massage like this. "

Viivian Kärner

"Now I know, what is the "real" massage."

Mari Salmu

"Your massages are always on the high level."

Gerli Noorlind

"Today I tried the "Chinese foot massage 60 min." and they should double the price! I am sharing this, because I am very satisfied with the massage and it seems that there is a "overdeliver" principle. For those who truly want to find balance in the body "NO WOW". I just don't have the words to describe. Feel free to try it and especially at Weihong Song masseuse!"

Tarvo Tobbi

"I recently went to the same Chinese man for the very good Tui Na massage. It was painful, but pleasant after the session. I advise to try it :)"

Sirje Suvi

"Weihong Song is an excellent masseuse, I experienced a lot globally but he was exceptional. Highly recommended."


"It is the best massage salon,very relaxing and cosy!"

Regina Künnapuu

"One of the best massage ever. Very professional, positive and friendly. Got also a lot of interesting suggestions and tips for some of my health issues. I will definitely return and suggest others to try sports massage. Thank's to Rauno!"


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