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Chinese foot massage

Chinese foot massage is based upon theories of traditional medicine by which universal life force or Qi circulates our body’s energy channels.  Disturbance in Qi weakens the organism and makes us ill. Affecting acupuncture points on energy channels, Chinese foot massage balances the Qi and starts the healing process.

The other part of Chinese foot massage – reflexology – is based upon the notion that our feet (ears and hands also) reflect organisms wellbeing (intestines, sensory organs, joints, bones etc.). Certain area on foot corresponds to specific area in/on the body, when function is disturbed in an area, the foot shows it. Working on this point in the foot brings relief to the body.

Traditional Chinese foot massage starts with a hot water foot bath, mixed with herbal medicine. Followed by intense foot massage including reflexology  point pressing. This procedure is enjoyable, relaxing and healing.


Masseur: Weihong Song

                Fuqing Liu  


Chinese foot massage prices                                           30 min           30 €
                                                              60 min           50 €
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