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Sports massage

Sports massage is considered to be a part of the athlete's training system that keeps good physical shape and helps prevent injuries. We take into account the specialty of sport and movements involved in it, on this basis the focus will be made on aspects of improving the performance of the athlete.

For example, stimulation of the nervous system, improving metabolism system aiming to quickly recover after the exercises, improve oxygen saturation of the blood flow and muscle nutrients supply. All of this is done to achieve better control over the muscles and coordination between the various parts of the body.


Sports massage can help relax the muscles and tendons. Often the tendons loose their elasticity because of constantly being "in stress and action", which increases the risk of injury.

Recovering from injury is an important part of the massage as well, masseur will reduce the formation of muscle scarring as a consequence of the injury and return muscle mobility.


Sports massage is also suitable for people who do hard physical work.


Masseur: different Estonian masseurs


Service is available on the following days: Wed, Fri.
Sports massage prices:

30 min       35 €

60 min       50 €

90 min       70 €



  • Increases range of motion and muscle flexibility

  • Relaxes stressed and painful muscles

  • Improves metabolism

  • Activates lymph circulation

  • "Cleans" the body of toxins

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Relaxing procedure after both hard physical work, workout and mental activity

  • Body immune system improves after the course of massage


  • Oncological diseases

  • Inflammation diseases (fever)

  • Severe injuries (broken bones, bruises, wounds)

  • Intoxication

  • Acute heart, liver or kidney diseases

  • Thyroid disease

  • Festering wounds
  • Vein inflammation or bleeding

  • The risk of thrombosis or embolism (gangrene, heart stroke)

  • Large birthmarks in the area, where massage is done

  • Too high or low blood pressure

  • Tuberculosis and other viral diseases

  • Lupus

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