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Bio-dynamic Craniosacral Resonance therapy

Craniosacral therapy helps to restart the self-healing mechanism in the body.

Bio-dynamic craniosacral resonance therapy developed from osteopathy. William Sutherland can be considered a developer of cranial osteopathy. He called cranio pulse "the main breath of the body." The work of his life has led to the development of the basic foundations of therapy, which is known as a bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy today.

Cranio system - is the central physiological system of the human body, which affects and controls all of the body work. The function of the system is shown through cranio pulsations and rhythms, which are one of the deepest pulsations of our body, the so-called "bone breathing rhythms." In addition, they can be called "primal breath" or breath of life - it accompanies us from the moment of conception until death.

Throughout life, passing through physical and emotional trauma, cranio system structure changes, which in turn affects the normal functioning of the whole organism. However, our body has a great potential to heal itself, and with the help of a therapist, the system can be restarted through the cranio system "primal breath" restoration.

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is aiming to "hear" body inner intellect and maintain the power that was given to us from birth. With light, customized and specific movements and positions of the hands, therapy approach in this procedure is not an external action. Therapy is rather based on the hearing of the primal breathing and maintaining it in a variety of forms, that allow the body to gain access to it's healing and restoration resources. CST is based on good knowledge in science of anatomy, physiology, embryology and the discoveries of modern neuro-biology.

During the CST therapist feels the integrity of the human body, the rhythm of it's deep breathing, and conducts therapy on the basis of how to help the body to recover. CST has a very tolerant  approach that is ideal for pregnant women, infants, children and old people.

Therapy techniques and touches are light and soft, but they give a very profound effect. During the session, the person can feel hot or cold tingling, chills, body opening and deep relaxation. At the same time, observing cranio rhythm through foot, can relieve from headaches, neck pains and tension of the pelvis. CST focuses not only on the physical condition of the body, but also the emotional and mental aspect.

To achieve permanent positive effect, we recommend taking 5-10 sessions. Experience shows, that after the 5th session, healing processes begin to actively revitalize the body, and the physical condition improves without returning to the previous unhealthy state. We advise you to attend sessions with a break not longer than a week, because a longer break suspends the process of revitalizing.
If you take a course of 10 sessions - the 10th session is free.

Therapeut:  Eva Nõulik


Craniosacral therapy prices:
                                         60-90 min        60 €
Booking and information tel: 510 3516.

CST helps alleviate the discomfort associated with the following indications:

- various pain (including headaches, pain in the neck, shoulders, back pain, migraine)

- discomfort associated with physical or emotional traumas

- different tension (pelvis, neck, head)

- stress, hyperactivity

- lack of power, tiredness

- insomnia, depression

- lack of balance in the immune system, recurrent infections

- painful periods, menopause

- physical and emotional shock
- maintenance during life crisis


- self-regulation difficulty, aggression, secrecy

- attention disorders, study difficulties and perception difficulties
- problems arising from childbirth


Therapy restarts body's self-healing processes. It helps when feeling powerless, or if one's life has a difficult transition. It provides deep relaxation.

Contraindications: psychiatric disorders, brain traumas, post-stroke state, head surgeries, fever, epilepsy, biopolar personality disorder, oncology.

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