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Cup massage

This is a combination of manual hands on massage and using cups. Cupping creates a vacuum that affects underlying soft tissue and through that the whole organism. Massage with cups tones skin, clears pores, rids the body of cellulite, improves internal organs, excites blood circulation, releases tense muscles and relieves joint problems. Good psychological and emotional effect.


Good for:

*Chronic muscle and joint problems’

*Shoulder girdle and back pain




*Digestive problems

*Male, female age related problems

*Blood circulation problems

*Accumulation of toxins in the body

*Immune system weakness


Massage, that brings about a little blushing of skin or redness may be done every day and after that only when necessary. If bruising occurs, a week or so break is recommended, or some other massage. For strengthening immunity 1 session per week is enough. Lots of water should be consumed for days after massage.


Masseuse: Marika Kaljo

Service is available on the following days: Mon,
Tue, Thu, Fri.

Cup massage price                                                            
                                60 min         50 €

Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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