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Cupping therapy


The goal of this treatment is to get the energy flowing. The cup pulls halted energy loose and moving again, clearing tension and pain. Using heat or suction, pressure inside the cup is increased, this pulls skin and underlying tissue into the cup.

Cupping therapy involves different methods. One of those is sliding cupping or cupping massage, during which oiled skin gets massaged with cups. The other method is that cups are placed on certain areas and left there for some time. 

Cupping therapy may leave visibly noticeable circular marks on the skin, these marks sometimes protrude outwards and have intense coloring – this depends on severity of the problem in a given area. Usually these marks will disappear after 5-7 days, we recommend that You drink plenty  of water after the sessions.


Masseur: Weihong Song  

                Guizhi Ju


Cupping therapy prices                      30 min      30 €

                                                          50 min      50 €       

Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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