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Body Energy organisation and balance

Energy organizing is dedicated for those who feel they are stuck in old patterns or are worried about difficult emotional states, life situations, health concerns, etc.

During the session (1 hour) we open the energy centers together and release energetic blockages, that can occur in absolutely every person through their life and experiences.

We heal with the balancing and liberating energy of the Universe. New and free life energy begins to flow in the body, with which we can change the course of our lives and the present situations. The free flow of energy improves the immune system and gives our body a chance to heal itself.

The therapy package is necessary for a person to learn how to keep the body and energy centers open throughout life.

Therapeut:  Eva Nõulik


Energy balance prices:
                                         60 min        50 €
Booking and information tel: 510 3516.
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