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Honey massage

Very good for affecting lumbar spine and areas around joints. Honey is used to activate blood circulation, improving joint mobility and nutrient intake from surrounding tissue. Honey also nourishes skin and enriches the organism with biologically active ingredients. Very good for reducing cellulite. Effective way for skin softening and improving well being. Honey massage usually starts with the back, but that can vary according to body parts. Dry, clean and shaved skin first gets treated with classical massage and after that comes honey.


During the massage beautiful yellow honey turns into thick whitish – gray mass, which indicates cleansing of the skin. Session ends with towels dipped in hot water laid on the body, this has a very relaxing effect. Warm covered skin gets some rest and masseuse clears honey residue. This leaves the skin blushing, toned, moisturized and clean. No need for a shower.


After the massage, one should avoid getting cold, this is important  because blood circulation has been activated.  We advise to drink plenty of water, this helps with the body’s natural cleansing.


Good for:

*Cold, bronchitis

*Nerve and joint pains

* Stress

*Tense muscles


*Chronic joint problems

*Digestion problems

*Dry problematic skin

*Aging, loose skin

*Blood circulation problems

*Immune system problems



Masseur: different Estonian masseurs

Honey massage prices                                                             
                                   60 min         55 €

                                   90 min         75 €

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