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Indian head massage

Indian head massage is a part of Ayurvedic healing system that teaches to take care of our health and to prevent the occurrence of illnesses even before the symptoms appear. Indian head massage "Champi" is a medical procedure.  During the treatment the energy channels of the head, neck and shoulders are massaged with hands. Champi therapy is advised in case of problems with sleep, stress, headaches, fatigue, hair loss, pain in the neck and shoulders. This massage is also very good during the exams.


Champi - is a known all over the world Indian massage, which was created by Narendra Mehta. Head massage is a daily routine in India, since it not only helps to keep your hair in good condition, but also stimulates the natural healing powers of the body, keeping the body and soul in harmony.

Indian Champi head massage is done with both oil and without. This pleasant procedure helps to completely relax, reduces stress, strengthens the body's energy, which will also make you more active.

This procedure improves blood circulation of the head and hair growth, graying of hair is slowed down. Coconut oil is used during the massage, which takes care of hair as well. Thin, brittle hair becomes stronger.


Massage is done to the client in a sitting position or lying under warm blanket.

Please note that Champi massage lasts 30-45 minutes. After the massage it is necessary to relax another 10 minutes and to "come down from heaven to earth."

Masseur: Maie Palmiste

Indian head massage prices:
  45 min         40 €


  • blood pressure problems

  • epilepsy

  • oncology

  • atherosclerosis

  • inflammation or blood circulation disorders of the head

In case of osteoporosis and psoriasis you should consult with your doctor!

At least 5 hours before the massage should not drink alcohol!

We recommend to have at least 5-10  head massages. After the first procedure, it will be clear how exactly massage affects the health and whether it is suitable for you. You can make a choice based on the result of the first massage.

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