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Relaxing Chinese massage

Reducing stress in Chinese and Bai Lan way! 

Relaxing Chinese massage relieves tension, stimulates and rejuvenates. The method is based on Chinese traditions and teachings of Yin and Yang, the life energy that flows through body channels and meridians. Illnesses occur when the energy of life is blocked and we feel powerless. During the massage, the body is supplied with energy - once opened, our body can cope with the problems. It is possible to influence the emotional balance by stimulating energy channels. Thus: the purpose of this massage is to remove energy blockages, restore energy circulation in every area of the body, stimulate blood and lymph circulation and also the process of excretion of waste products. After this massage you are relaxed and filled with new pure energy as if you were born again!


Masseur: Quanfeng Du



Relaxing massage prices:           
                                                   60 min         50 €
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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