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Lava stone massage

Lava stone massage is already known for 1000 years, it is an ancient healing method in China. Hot stones and different kind of oils are used during the therapy. Chakras open, our body gets "charged" with energy, and in other words, the energy finds balance and is evenly distributed in the body.  

Lava stone massage is a deeply relaxing procedure, which helps to fill our body with the vital, healing energy.
During the procedure preheated lava stones, that received their energy from sun, wind, fire and water, are placed on the chakra points. The stones stay placed like this for some time, heating up the energy in the body. Then masseur uses rose or almond oil to massage the chakra points. The massage is light, with weak pressings and not painful.

Lava stone massage is primarily aimed to achieve the energy balance of our body.


Lava stones charge us with warm and positive energy, that alleviates muscle pain, improves hormonal and digestive systems, regulates metabolism. Hot stone massage is especially good way to relax after the sport exercises or heavy physical activity.

This massage helps to reduce the effects of stress and it helps body to get rid of accumulated toxins.

After the massage You will feel yourself calmed down, breathing will be deeper, skin is toned up and more elastic, fatigue and stress that you had during the day will disappear.


Masseur: different Estonian masseurs

Indications for lava stone massage:
- Stress
- Insomnia
- Pain in the muscles and joints
- To improve blood circulation

- Cardiovascular diseases
- Severe inflammation
- Skin damage
- Heart stroke
- Pregnant women and children

Lava stone massage prices:
                                              60 min  55 €
                                              90 min  75 €
                                            120 min  95 €
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