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Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage or manual lymph drainage of skin and subcutaneous tissue is a superficial massage, which stimulates the flow of lymph and helps to remove toxins from the body, relaxes and relieves muscle tension, swelling, it helps with bad blood circulation and metabolic diseases.


Lymphatic massage is used with varicose veins problems, in order to narrow the lymph tracts due to swelling, to reduce swelling during pregnancy and operations, to remove tumors, post-injury. Massage begins in the neck area, and masseur accelerates lymph fluids in the direction of its movement with hands. Massage is very light. After the massage, there will be no pain or red marks on the skin.

During sleep and absence of physical exercise the lymph flow is very slow. This is happening because of the mechanical obstruction in lymph tracts, inflammatory processes or hypothermia. When the movement of lymph is decelerating, harmful substances and excess fluid start to accumulate in the body, which pressures connective tissues and nerves. This massage stimulates the movement of body fluids - blood, lymph and connective tissue fluids. At the same time, toxins are pushed to the vessel wall and quickly excreted. This procedure helps to "clean" the body.

Masseur: different Estonian masseurs


  • thrombosis

  • heart diseases

  • tumor

  • severe kidney diseases

  • acute inflammation

  • attention and caution in case of low blood pressure, goiter, asthma, large birthmarks

Lymphatic massage prices:
                                         60 min         50 €
                                         90 min         75 €


  • acne/ red acne

  • swelling of the face and eye area

  • scar treatment

  • treatment before and after plastic surgery

  • hair loss

  • migraine

  • strengthening of the immune system

  • rheumatic diseases

  • arthropathy

  • connective tissue disease

  • swelling because of pregnancy

  • open varicose ulcers (ulcus coris)

  • swelling due to varicose veins, II and stage III

  • swelling after surgery

  • injuries

  • accelerated healing of postoperative wounds

  • stress

  • a calming effect for the nervous system

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