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Weihong Song


Born in China on 25th of October 1979.

Studied at Shandong Linyi Health School for 3 years (1997-2000).

Chinese medicinal massage and therapies. Worked in Linyi city Lanshan Shengyou Massage Services Center since September 2000 as massage therapist - 13 years of work experience in China. Have been working in Estonia since 24th of July 2013.

Obtained Chinese senior-masseur qualification in 2006.
Has mastered all Chinese Traditional Medicine massage techniques and natural therapies.
Specialist in acupuncture (dry needling) and Tui Na massage.

Expert in helping with problems around waist, shoulder and neck area. Excellent skills in relieving tensions around the head area, opening the body's energy channels, back and foot massage. 

Gives advice about nutrition and eating, also in case of need, he can show various exercises that help with the healing process.

Hobbies: Qigong, Tai Chi

Fuqing Liu

Born in China, Ningyang county, Shendongi Province on 1 August 1976.

He studied Chinese Traditional Medicine and Western Medicine at Shandong Medical School in 1994-1997.

Continued his studies at Taian City Chinese Traditional Medicine School, where he received degree as a masseur-therapist in 2014, Level 4.

Worked as a masseur in Xi Village Health Center in

1997-2001 and in Xi Ping Health Center as masseur-therapist in 2001-2018.

2018-2019 worked as a masseur in Chinese Health Center in Tallinn.

From 7 Oktober 2019 works at Bai Lan Chinese massage salon as a masseur-therapist.

Has over 20 years of experience in traditional Chinese massage and therapies.

Hobbies:  table tennis and cooking.

Marika Kaljo


Born in Viljandi on 23rd of October 1970.


Completed M.I. Massage school 1000 hour course in masseuse specialty between 2nd of May 2012 and 31st of January 2013. Has obtained masseuse 1st degree professional qualification. Knows different types of massage. 


Has studied Gua Sha and Chinese facial massage from Chinese masseur Fagang Ren

Completed course in Gua Sha at M.I. Massage school

Completed courses by professional teachers in Honey Massage and Massage Cupping. Work experience - 7 years.

She can also share some tips about improving Your health, show stretching and strengthening exercises.

Rauno Kuusk

Born in Jõgeva on 18th May 1989.

In 2010 started to learn about the human body and revealing it's potential. Studied anatomy, physiology, training psychology, methods on improving physique. Becoming more aware about his own body he discovered how well it responds to different forms of touch. That led to exploring the essence of massage: its different techniques and how the body is viewed in each school.


During 2011 to 2012 worked in Estonian Defense Forces as squad medic. 2012 to 2013 completed courses in Classical and Segmental massage. Always improving his knowledge in the field. Worked as a masseur in Keila Health Center since September of 2013. Having created his own methodology, Rauno works with every unique individual according to the situation at hand. Is familiar with different injuries, back problems, ailments with joints and muscles.

Has studied Tui Na massage from Chinese masseur Weihong Song and completed Tui Na course at M.I. Massage school

Work experience - 7 years.

Is happy to share his knowledge about nutrition, training psychology principles and different methods concerning physical improvement. Can teach various simple exercises and stretches that make everyday life easier.


Hobbies: calisthenics, weightlifting, cooking, learning.

Merike-Marrit Põldaru 



Certificate for 3 years of studying Chinese medicine at Estonian school of Neijing + 1 year of studying Western medicine. 


Has completed natural therapist qualification.   


Thai Foot Massage certificate from Lahemaa Health School. Reiki II degree and basic courses (1 year study) at Universus school. 


Quantum-Touch certificate from Ridchard Gordon (USA). M.I. Massage school-Classical Massage. Work experience - 12 years.

Maie Palmiste

Experience in the field of massage since 2005.
Studied classical massage at the massage school Avicenna, September 2005 - March 2006.

For a long time studied and practiced Thai massage at M.I. Massaažikool (2006), as well as at Lahemaa Tervisekool (2008). Final preparation - study of therapies (2 weeks in December 2008) was received at ITM, Thailand, Chiang Mai. Also studied table Thai massage. People, who for some reason can not be on the floor, can do Thai massage on the massage table. Has successfully passed a professional exam in Thai massage.

For quite a long time she studied Chinese traditional medicine in Haapsalu, at the Neijing school (2004-2007), + attended qualification courses for a long time and passed a professional exam in this field.

She has studied Lymph massage (teacher Raili Raik), Thai foot massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Indian head massage, honey massage, lava stone massage and cellulite massage.

She is familiar with the Japanese Yumeiho massage.

In addition, has a Reiki initiation steps I and II (teacher Tõnu Aru). Work experience - 14 years.

Hobby: Has been doing Tai-chi for a long time (since 2003).

Ande Lutsoja

Born on May 28 1962.

Ande has trained herself as follows:
2010 January - February Classical massage course at M.I.Massage School.
2013 March On-site chair massage course M.I. Massage School.
2015 September - 2017 July Krautman Academy of Massage and Health, Oriental Nature Therapy (1005 hours) Studied Thai Knives Bo-Rarn Massage, Thai Reflexology Hand Massage, Thai Reflexology Foot Massage, Thai Hot Herbal Ball Massage, Indian Abhyanga Oil Massage, Hawaii Lomi-Lomi Massage, Thai Aroma Massage, Indian Champi Head Massage, Gua Sha Therapy and Massage for Pregnant.

2018 July - August massage training (64 hours) at MTÜ Elukaar.
2019 September - Lava stone massage at the Estonian School of Massage and Therapy.
2019 October - Sports massage at the Estonian School of Massage and Therapy.
Work experience - 9 years.

Ande respects the lifestyle that is close to nature, the use of healing herbs and movement in nature.

Self-actualization and it's resulting satisfaction are the most important things for her. Ande wants to help others with her skills and knowledge.

She uses different techniques and tools in massage, such as herbal balls, lava stones, etc.

Marve Karo

Born 20 September 1971 in Tallinn.


In November 2019, she graduated from the Estonian School of Massage and Therapy as a Massage Therapist.
As a part of the massage therapist's curriculum, she has achieved an advanced level in classical massage and has focused on therapy and rehabilitation. Has experience in the fields of anatomy, physiology, motor- and kinesiology.
She also studied Oriental Tuina massage at Tervise Alkeemia.

In May 2019 graduated as a Massage Therapist, Level 5 Professional Certificate.

2018 April - 2019 April graduated from the Estonian School of Massage and Therapy with a basic course of 1000 hours in the field of masseuse. Has studied segment and situation based massage, studied group observation, pathology of diseases, oriental philosophy, etc.

In addition, the following courses have been completed in 2019:
"Advanced Back Massage" course and "Manual Techniques for Lower Back Pain".
2017 - 2018 Attended Conscious Welfare Coaching OÜ Training, "Mindful Development Consulting".

Work experience - 2 years.

Marve loves people and nature, has a positive attitude towards life. She also likes to continually improve herself and her skills.

If necessary, Marve can show some exercises, stretching or breathing techniques that will help the person feel even better.

Siiri Raspel

Born in Pärnu, but grew up in Hiiumaa.

In 2011 - 2012 she studied 1000h Masseur training at the M.I.Massage School.

Since 2012 worked in the rehabilitation department of Hiiumaa Hospital.

Having interest in alternative body healing methods, she attended a training session "Cupping therapy with bloodletting" in 2015 at Krautman's School of Massage and Nature Therapy led by Sanna-Kaisa Ilmarinen.
In 2017 she continued her training at the same institution training in the practical use of clay and peat treatment.
Work experience - 7 years.

Siiri is fascinated by stately horses, keeping her body in shape by horse riding and skiing. She is a Hiiu woman with gentle hands!

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