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Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life. Regular massage is one way to enjoy this time completely. A conscious, calm touch gives the mother and the fetus a feeling of well-being. 


The massage got its inspiration from Thai Massage, it is done on the mat, on the floor, through the clothes. Massage is designed especially for pregnant women. The massage on mat is performed in a calm, breath-taking rhythm, that is unique to Thai massage. This rhythm calms and creates brighter, more confident thoughts. The technique of pressing and stretching, through the clothes, creates a balance between soul and body. The most comfortable and safe positions are found for massage, according to the state of health of child and mother. If necessary, the masseur uses a variety of comfortable pillows and pouches to support a pregnant woman, giving the future mother the sense of security and confidence. While on the mat, the masseur has good access to the future mother's back, as the pregnant woman lies on the side. Being on the ground also gives an opportunity to massage feet, either while lying on the side, on ones back or in a sitting position. The session begins with the feet massage, the back and head area are massaged more thoroughly. Feedback between masseur and pregnant woman is essential during this massage!

Massage is recommended from the third month of pregnancy. However, you should talk to your doctor or midwife before you book your first massage, because each woman is unique and each body behaves differently during pregnancy.
For a pregnant mother, the massage is actually a pleasant, useful and highly recommended procedure. Less tension means less stress and much more joy!
As the massage is done on the mat, please come to the massage in sports clothes, preferably cotton pants and T-shirt.


Masseur: Maie Palmiste

Pregnancy massage price       45 min    40 €
Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.

Most common issues that can be relieved by massage:

light back pain
feeling of heaviness in lower back, hips, legs, fatigue
leg cramps
shoulder and neck tension

hand numbness

psychological tension

sleeping disorder

Risk factors, ie when massage should not be done without the written permission of the doctor:
mothers under 18 and over 35, multiple pregnancy
previous problems with pregnancy, previous pregnancy interruption
cervical problems
abnormal heart rate of the fetus
reduced or absent fetal movements
intrauterine developmental retardation
suspected Rh conflict or other genetic problem
low weight gain
mother herself has asthma
heart disease
chronic high blood pressure
epilepsy, seizures
lung or liver diseases
drugs, alcohol consumption

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