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Relaxing face and head massage

A pleasant relaxing massage that improves the lymphatic and blood circulation of the facial skin, increases the muscle tone and makes the skin more elastic. The treatment helps reduce swelling and improve the complexion and has a tissue-strengthening effect, which in turn will keep the skin younger for longer.

Regular facial massage helps reduce premature signs of aging. Skin blood supply and metabolism will improve, collagen and elastin synthesis increases and cell regeneration improves.

Facial massage improves lymphatic circulation and reduces puffiness around the eyes. A special "glow" appears on the skin and the skin looks healthy and clear.


A pleasant head massage is a great way to relax and an ideal opportunity to leave all everyday worries behind for a moment. In addition, it also helps to improve the condition of the hair. By doing the massage correctly, it is possible to accelerate hair growth with increased blood flow. What makes face and head massage special is that it has a therapeutic effect on the body, mind and soul. A hand touching face and head will release a large amount of endorphins, or well-being hormones, which create a feeling of satisfaction and reduce stress.

Relaxing face and head massage prices       
                                         45 min           40 €

Head Massage

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