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Thai foot massage

Foot massage is the ancient massage art, that have been formed with Indian and Chinese influence. Foot massage techniques have been developing for 3000 years. Foot massage which is done regularly helps to prevent and alleviate a lot of health issued, such as migraine, asthma, muscle pains and tension, intestinal obstruction, etc. Our internal organs are connected through the nerve tissue with the whole body, a lot of the receptors and nerve endings are located very close to the skin surface.

 The sole of the foot is like a "screen", that mirrors all of our internal organs. Foot massage stimulates the organs through specific points, improves circulation of the body liquids, especially blood and lymph circulation. That is why foot massage is very good for health.


The world known school of Thai massage located in the Wat Pho temple says that foot massage and its techniques are very important part of religion and culture. Techniques and philosophy itself originates from the knowledge and the correct use of the main types of energy - air, fire, water, earth. Based on this idea, they say that all of the energies should be in the dynamic balance with each other in order to stay healthy.


Massage will help to maintain energy balance in our body by  stimulating the inner resources. Foot massage is usually done with special wooden sticks and hands. Massage oil or cream is used as well.


Masseur: Marika Kaljo

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Service is available on the following days: Mon, Tue,
Thu, Fri, Sat.
Thai foot massage prices
60 min    29 €

Indications for foot massage: 
- Massage has a strong preventive effect against many diseases
- Stimulates blood and lymph circulation
- Alleviating painful conditions such as headache, migraine, stress, asthma, liver and kidney problems, skin disorders and others.

- It will take at least an hour after the last meal
- Massage is contraindicated in case of pregnancy from the first to the third trimester
- During the period
- For complex heart diseases and mental disorders such as schizophrenia and epilepsy, may result in exacerbation of the disease

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