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Tui Na massage

 Chinese Tui Na dates back to 9th century BC. This particular massage works with energy channels, through which our life force Qi flows.  According to Chinese traditional medicine, every organ has Qi, if it’s moving and balanced – the whole organism is healthy and well. But when there’s an obstruction, loss or overflow of Qi – organism loses its balance and becomes susceptible to illness. Purpose of Tui Na is to get the Qi moving smoothly once again, correct the energy flow by which the body can start healing itself. Besides massage, acupuncture is also used on the energy channels. Acupuncture points are places where the Qi from organs and various channels permeate the body , connecting outside and inside environments.


 Chinese medicine specialist works with Your body’s active points, sending impulses to various systems in the organism. Through that Tui Na helps to optimize organ functioning, pain relief, improves blood circulation, muscle cells get more oxygen and metabolism improves. Health starts improving and immunity functions better. Tui Na relaxes muscles and tendons, also reduces swelling and pain.

Chinese Tui Na massage is a treatment procedure, which is why it can be strong and deep sometimes, sensation of pain is a common thing. The more there are obstructed and disturbed acupuncture points on the body, the more it hurts. If at all, the first time is usually most discomforting, after that the body starts to open and heal, feeling more relaxed during next massage.

If Your skin is very sensitive and tender, there may be some bruising after therapy. You should also notify the admin or masseur if Your pain threshold is low.

Masseurs: Weihong Song

                  Liu Fuqing

                  Rauno Kuusk 

Tui Na massage prices (chinese masseur):
                                               30 min            30 €
                                               60 min            50 €
                                               90 min            70 €

Use the green ONLINE booking button to get an appointment or call 5683 4575.
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